On-Demand Authentication System


On Demand Mobile Engagement & Product Authentication

Today, more than 65% of smart phone owners use their devices while they shop in-store. Brandowners and retailers who link their marketing, CRM and customer loyalty programs with easy-to-use and smartly designed mobile engagement programs will gain a competitive advantage. To all companies who like to harvest the benefits of mobile engagement during the upcoming peak shopping season, we offer:
• Mobile engagement programs for various use cases
• Item-level product authentication
• Mobile optimized website (create & host)
• Access to mobile engagement data & analysis platform

Serialization - Engagement - Authentication 

The TrackMatriX® authentication system is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to enable consumers to engage with brands and help brandowners to authenticate securely products at item level and reach out to customers via mobile engagement programs.

Main Applications

• Mass serialization of products with unique product ID
• Real-time tracking & tracing with mobile engagement
• Support promotion and sales programs
• Enhance brand recognition and raise customer loyalty
• Provide rich data on consumer behavior and trends

Versatile Deployment Options

The most simplest way to engage with the brand for a smart device enabled consumer. While viewing relevant or entertainment content on a mobile optimized website, the TrackMatriX® Authentication System will capture data from each engagement to:
• Measure engagement program’s efficiency
• Report products and scan location anywhere
• Report counterfeit or parallel traded products.
• Gather CRM relevant information

TrackMatriX Engagement Modules

Genuine Detection Warranty Registration Loyalty Points Survey & Feedback Membership
Our track & trace system will recognize presence of counterfeits or parallel trading and send alerts to the brandowner. Convenient and fast way to register any kind of products and obtain a warranty certificate immediately. Enlarge loyal customer base, measure the brand’s popularity and identify customer behaviour to derive trends. Efficient platform to allow the company to communicate with target customers. Convenient way of consumer engagement. Direct mobile communications platform to promoteconsumer engagement.
Deliver products and brand values in just one scan.

Key Advantages

The benefits of the system are:
• Low cost: Charges based only on the actual demand
• Globally functional system for item mass serialization and real-time item tracking
• Reporting portal provides valuable data to enhance product security, improve branding & marketing efforts
• High-level of data security API to interphase with ERP or IT systems
• Wide range of modules are available to support the brand owners mobile engagement strategy

TrackmatriX® Product Family

TrackMatriX® Enterprise Package

The TrackMatriX® Enterprise Package is a software as a service (SaaS) platform with the objective to verify the authenticity of objects such products and documents. 

TrackMatriX® GoAheadToday Package:

To test the market. Suitable for everyone who needs to set-up a mobile engagement and product authentication program quickly.

TrackMatriX® Government Package:

Document and product authentication system for government applications.

TrackMatriX® Tailor-Made Package:

For customers who require solutions with highly customized UIs, APIs, ecommerce and other requirements are welcome.

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